At Gratus, we are financial advocates, working on behalf of a select group of individuals and families to provide the preferential treatment they seek while delivering a comprehensive, proactive approach to financial planning—from investment and cash flow analysis to tax strategies and estate planning.

We are unlike large wire house firms that can’t dedicate the time and resources to providing the level of customized service and attention that clients need to stay informed and on track.  We are not like a small firm that typically does not have the staff or partnerships necessary to keep investors aware of the most cutting edge opportunities available.

We provide research, ongoing market analysis and insight, proactive communication, frequent review of investors’ objectives and opportunities, and the intellectual horsepower to evaluate ancillary financial issues and decisions while finding ways to provide thoughtful service.

Our relationships with strong custodians ensure the security of your accounts, while allowing us to remain objective, so we can provide truly client-centric counsel.

Who is advocating for your financial future? At Gratus, we’re invested in you.