Financial Advisory Services

In delivering financial advisory services, we aim to be a collaborative partner and dedicated advocate.  We have the sophisticated expertise and intellectual resources to address the complex wealth management issues faced by our clients. We work directly with your advisors, CPAs, attorneys and insurance agents as a team to manage the planning and investment process. We are your partner in improving and simplifying your financial life.

Most importantly, we listen. We want to know the things that matter to you – your life’s priorities for now and into the future, both financial and non-financial.  We work hard to collaborate with your other advisors (or even bring new ones to your team) to help you meet all of your goals.

Your Personal CFO

Clients benefit from having a dedicated team focused on upholding the highest level of integrity, providing valuable counsel and intelligent solutions, and remaining fully accountable for the success of the relationship.

We provide sound asset allocation advice, from determining each client’s initial allocation (“getting it right”) to ongoing strategic asset allocation (“keeping it right”).  We have the sophisticated expertise and intellectual resources in-house to address complex trust, estate, philanthropic and other planning issues faced by our clients.  We work directly with our clients’ advisors, CPAs, attorneys and insurance agents as a team to manage the planning and investment management process. 

Investment Management

Investors are driven by different goals and desires. They have different pools of capital to invest, and they want different outcomes. We recognize these differences, and we also recognize that there are investment practices that can and should be implemented across all portfolios.

One of the things our clients find most attractive about our investment management is the proactive decisions we make based on research and a rebalancing discipline.  As a manager of global assets, we spend a great deal of time analyzing market trends and making appropriate changes in the portfolio to enhance our clients’ returns and reduce risk.

In addition, we have a specific rebalancing discipline that often forces us to buy out-of-favor asset classes that over time provide the desired results. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we offer our clients balanced and comprehensive investment advice, complete objectivity and a personalized investment strategy.