Your financial health is essential to all the things you want to do in life. Now is the perfect time to reflect, reset, and plan. This guide outlines four financial resolutions that can improve your lifestyle in the new year.


  • Aspects of your financial health you need to examine
  • What you need to know about the new tax law. Will you be rid of the alternative minimum tax in 2018?
  • Common money drains that can quickly zap wealth

Resolve to make 2018 a prosperous year. Click here to immediately access your guide.

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No matter your position in life, whether you’re a business owner or retired and living off your assets, financial psychology plays an important role in building a financially sustainable and fulfilling financial plan.

The key question is, are your thoughts and behaviors regarding money causing you undue stress or exposing you to unnecessary financial risks?

Our guide explores these considerations by addressing many of the personality factors that impact individual investors’ financial portfolios and long-term retirement plans. 


  • An exercise to isolate your inherent tendencies and biases regarding money.
  • A questionnaire that isolates how money affects you and how you affect money.
  • Questions to ask yourself that help measure your appetite for risk. Is it time to reevaluate your thought-process?
  • Six behaviors that drive financial choices.

How is your personality affecting your financial plan? Find out.  Click here to immediately access your guide.

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If you’re seeking to change a life or make a positive impact in your community, preparing a charitable giving plan is an essential first step in helping you to achieve your goals.

This guide outlines seven steps to take in order to maximize the positive impact of your hard-earned money.


  • Key elements to consider when compiling or updating your list of organizations that receive your donations.
  • Specific tax-advantaged financial vehicles that help maximize tax deductions related to charitable giving.
  • The one giving strategy that needs to occur in order to achieve and sustain the greatest positive impact of your charitable efforts.

Learn how to make a real impact within your community.

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This guide outlines 3 fatal flaws in your financial plan and identifies steps to help you overcome each one.

These flaws include:

  1. Failure to budget and save
  2. Failure to keep budgets real
  3. Failure to adjust and rebalance financial portfolios

What typically precedes an enjoyable and financially comfortable retirement is a well-defined budget and savings plan. Learn simple steps to help you accumulate additional long-term savings and strengthen your financial plan.

Learn to grow wealthy over time.

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Even for affluent families and diligent savers, modern retirement presents some harsh realities. Surprisingly, an estimated 13 percent of Americans in the country’s wealthiest quartile are in danger of churning through their savings within 20 years of retirement*.

How well will your plan hold up to the twists and turns that life presents? Are your revisiting your plan and revising key components when necessary?

Download our guide to find out.

This guide incorporates the SMART approach to goal setting, helping individuals and families avoid common missteps en route to retirement.

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